Friday, September 26, 2014

Application to capture time-laps video Instagram learn to create selfie-laps

He made his debut in August Hyperlapse application allows you to create colorful videos in an accelerated mode and playback without the characteristic trembling camera. This means that enthusiasts and fans of the style time-laps not need to purchase additional and expensive equipment for image stabilization.

In version 1.1, the application became available Hyperlapse shooting front camera to create "selfe-laps", which gave rise to a new wave of web videos. Most of the authors are limited affectation. But there are those who in a short clip for Instagram Vine or have time to tell you about myself.
Popular camera is still available exclusively at App Store. In this case, any shot at the iPhone or iPad videos can be converted to Hyperlapse just a couple of clicks. After starting the application, you must select the record to be processed, and then set the speed of its play from 1x to 12x. As a result, the user gets their own time-laps video with powerful software stabilization.
At the moment, the most popular video captured using Hyperlapse, belongs to National Geographic magazine photographer David Guttenfelderu.
Hyperlapse from Instagram distributed digitally store Apple's absolutely free of charge . As for the version for Android-powered devices, its appearance, according to developers, is expected in the near future.