Monday, September 29, 2014

Meizu MX4 Mini can get two slots for SIM-cards

Social network Weibo has traditionally been the largest source of a wealth of information about these or other updates, including unannounced, which are prepared in the bowels of many Asian companies. 
Meizu MX4 Mini может получить два слота для SIM-карт

Today unknown source posted image smartphone Meizu MX4 with two slots for SIM-cards. Pretty quickly began to suspect that this is not the original flagship Meizu, and its mini version, which does not differ in size, and internal content and preloaded software platform.
Meizu MX4 Mini может получить два слота для SIM-карт Meizu MX4 Mini может получить два слота для SIM-карт
So, according to the obtained images, smartphone running Aliyun OS - "cloud" operating system, which is developed by the Alibaba Cloud Computing. The latter is part of the same name by Chinese online retailer. Several months ago, Alibaba invested in Meizu large sum of money on the condition of the use of smartphones to increase the proportion Aliyun OS. It was assumed that the operating system based on Android will be pre-installed on the flagship Meizu MX4, but it never happened. A distinctive feature of Aliyun OS is a complete lack of services Google, which are replaced by alternative applications of Alibaba, which makes it of little use to make full use out of the country. Other features of the smartphone were not disclosed, but it is expected a 64-bit processor from MediaTek.