Monday, September 29, 2014

Samsung's have 3.5 times more employees than the Apple

It is no secret that the main competitor of Apple in the mobile market, Samsung, is a large corporation. The South Korean company produces a variety of devices and spends huge sums to promote their products. To cope with these challenges, the company has hired a huge workforce - more than the Apple, Microsoft and Google combined.

With the number of employees 275 133 person Samsung Electronics in three and a half times higher than Apple, writes Oszone. It is not surprising that in 2014 still unfinished Korean manufacturer has already managed to launch 46 models of smartphones and tablets 27 modifications.
At Apple «just» 42800 employees (more than half of all staff) are employed in the departments of retail sales to other areas of activity include 37,500 people. Similarly gigantomania suffers the second-ranked Sony Electronics. She counted 105 000 employees, and does not include employees of other divisions - Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Financial Services.
The number of software developers, Samsung is 40506 people, while Google has those 18593 people. Since 2011, the number of programmers, Samsung increased by 45%; probably much of it is occupied by software support multiple mobile devices company.
In the field of industrial production at Samsung occupied 159,488 people, of which 33.5% are working in South Korea, 21% in China and 20% in South-East Asia, North America 3.9%. For all that Samsung Electronics is the only part of the Samsung Group, which includes more than 80 companies involved in the production of all kinds of products, from icebreakers to skyscrapers.