Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone maker will produce affordable electric cars

The Chinese company Foxconn, which is the main partner of Apple and the largest manufacturer of electronics, is preparing to start mass production of low-cost electric cars. It is reported Charged EV Magazine.

At the request of the Director-General of Foxconn Terry Gou, the production car will be set up at the facilities of the two plants, located in the province of Shanxi. The draft has already invested about five billion yuan - about $ 810 million. Assembling electric cars will be carried out at the facilities of car factory in Shanxi.
According to the promise Gu, the cost of the electric vehicle will not exceed $ 15 000.Specifications upcoming new items not yet known. It is assumed that the first cars will go off the assembly line in the next year.
Creation of electric vehicles in China are engaged in several dozen small private enterprises.China authorities intend to transplant the majority of its citizens to electric cars by 2020. From this point on equipment fossil fuel here will be subject to higher taxes.