Friday, September 26, 2014

The FBI unhappy "too" high security in iOS 8

According to FBI Director James Komi, security systems put Apple's operating system in iOS 8 , closed to the devices access to special services. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he expressed concern that the steps taken by an American corporation to improve safety for its products, can put private interests above public safety users.

In an interview with the Komi said that intelligence agencies are concerned that the new system of security intelligence agencies have closed access to the information stored on the iPhone, which potentially makes it possible for the owner to circumvent the law, reports RIA .He also added that he does not understand what was motivated by the company and why it believes that this makes sense.
The bulk of the tech companies recognize that a significant market potential and high sales are achieved through the creation of a strong sense of consumer confidence that his personal data are protected. However, the statement of FBI director raises questions that specifically want power?
In light of the scandals with Edward Snowden and information leaks about the facts of mass wiretapping, pointed to the breadth of government surveillance, users have increased concern that their gadgets do not ensure the security of their personal data. In this regard, Apple has tried to reassure members and assured that does not transmit their data to the government.
Later, after the scandal with the leak of a network of more than a hundred pictures of nude celebrities with iCloud, Apple introduced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, again assured of complete safety of your personal information. Feature of the new iOS mobile platform 8 is that it encrypts the phone data , which makes the phone unreadable to anyone other than the user.
In a recent letter to Apple's CEO Tim Cook wrote that the security and privacy of user privacy "fundamental" for the company's devices. He noted that the corporation had "never worked" on the government and security forces and did not provide them with access to products or services.