Saturday, September 27, 2014

To Passenger return a lost iPad with selfie airline staff

The feeling that a person experiences when he finds his lost iPad, still on the force feeling as if he had just won the jackpot. Stepan Chrudim was incredibly happy when he returned the tablet computer, forgot them on the plane.

However, incorporating the device, a passenger from New York, was surprised to find photos of the technical staff and flight attendants after he had lain back 10 days in the lost and found gadget. Airline staff decided to make a self to an abandoned cabin in the iPad.
Workers IcelandAir decided to make the client so surprise, to show that they are not only able to "wretched serve passengers", but also have a good sense of humor.
Chrudim was pleasantly surprised by the act airline staff and appreciated their sense of humor.Posted a post about the incident to Reddit, an American called the incident a fun event and expressed hope that the airline personnel will not be punished for the Selfie: "This is a great story. I hope no one foolish enough to punish these lovely staff for what they have done. "