Sunday, September 28, 2014

TomTom Golfer - "smart" watch golf course

By the time of the start of the Jubilee Golf Tournament Ryder Cup Dutch company TomTom has introduced a "smart" watch TomTom Golfer. Tangible benefits they can bring, first of all, that golfers. Waterproof device and contains information on more than 34,000 golf courses. 
TomTom Golfer – "умные" часы для игры в гольф

Developers promise that the information on any changes in each of them will be updated as quickly as possible. Also watch can keep track of all the necessary information for the game: distance, expense and time.
TomTom Golfer – "умные" часы для игры в гольф
TomTom Golfer will be available in two colors: black and white. The screen resolution is 144h168 pixels and weighs hours - 53 grams.You can pre-order now, but on the official website states that the delivery time is 30 days. Approximate cost of the device is $ 325.