Sunday, April 19, 2015

Apple acquired 36,000 acres of forest for the production of packaging for iPhone and iPad

This week, Apple bought for production purposes 36,000 acres (14,600 hectares) of forest in the eastern United States. This is said in a statement.

A huge part of the forest, which is comparable in size to 27,000 football fields, located in the territory of Maine and North Carolina. Apple plans to use it for cutting old and growing new trees to create a pulp and packaging for their products. In Cupertino have promised not to cause long-term damage to the environment.
Such a large area, is 2.5 times the size of Manhattan, will produce a surplus of resources, even for a manufacturer like Apple, so buy the remaining wood can and other companies. Corporate management noted that it would monitor the protection of nature with the utmost care and invest in reforestation heavily.
"In the US, more than 50% of the forests are used for the purpose of production of lumber for construction, and more than 10% are at risk and may be lost due to the construction. However, they play a critical role in the ecosystem: clean air act as a habitat for wildlife and clean water for more than half of the US population. In addition, because these forests arrives wood fiber for packaging materials, and related to them more than 2.8 million jobs depend on them and saw mills in hundreds of small towns" - said in a statement Apple.
Together for the year due to the acquisition of the forest will be made half the bast fibers of the total volume of natural fibers that were used to create packages iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV last year. Apple seeks to use natural fibers derived from forests that use rational methods of farming, or from controlled sources of timber, the company points out. In 2014, more than 80% of paper and corrugated cardboard, used to create the package iGadzhetov came from such farms, controlled sources of wood and recycled materials.
On the eve of the International Earth Day, which is celebrated on 22 April, Apple share their achievements in the field of environmental protection. According to the Vice President for Ecology Lisa Jackson, the company achieved success in the fight against climate change on the planet. To date, 87% of the energy used by Apple worldwide comes from renewable sources, while in 2013 the figure was 73%. The goal of Apple - a 100 per cent of all enterprises and supply of building energy from renewable sources.