Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apple has patented an interactive 3D-display, projecting an image in the air

Patent and Trademark United States on Tuesday granted Apple a patent for an interactive holographic display that projects the image in the air. Application for registration of the technology manufacturer filed in April this year.

The innovative technology allows to obtain three-dimensional images without special glasses.As planned by specialists Apple, the system will project the image in the air over the profound mirror module using infrared lasers and other light-emitting devices. According to the description, the image is interactive: the user can control it with gestures and touches.
Develop similar technologies and other large companies. In the arsenal of Microsoft, for example, is the prototype of a holographic touch screen called Vermeer. Device using the sensor controller Kinect, which tracks the movement of the user, allows you to interact with a holographic image projected.
To create a holographic image projection is used for two opposing parabolic mirrors. They create an optical illusion of three-dimensional color images that can be viewed from any angle simultaneously.
About that, in what products can be used three-dimensional display Apple, is still unknown.Analysts do not rule out the emergence of the iPhone and iPad with similar screens.

Previously, Apple received a patent for 3D-glasses to watch the video . The apparatus will consist of an outer cover, the housing and optical components and lenses in which an image is displayed. Gadget will communicate with the "apple" products, which will broadcast the video.