Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hackers posted a fourth series of intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud

Hackers continue to publish intimate photographs of Hollywood celebrities, extracted from a cloud service Apple. The previous three series of "strawberries" touched Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Heard, and many other Hollywood stars, including models, actresses and athletes.

At this time, the victims of hackers have become Victoria's Secret model Erin Hiterton, actress Winona Ryder, Nina Dobrev, Zoe Kazan and Anna Lynn McCord, singer Ingrid Michaelson.
In addition, for the first four waves of leaks published intimate photographs men: a victim of hackers was the son of Hulk Hogan Nick Hogan. Hogan Jr. was quick to announce that the footage fake, but the official version of his representative has not yet been announced.
Nina Dobrev was the leader in the number of laid out in this time hackers pictures - Announced 147 shots, but no photos of intimate content.
In the last month three hackers published intimate photographs of celebrities. The victims included Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence, Alexandra Chando and others.
Second time stolen photo hackers published on September 21 . The Internet "flowed" snapshots model Kim Kardashian, American football player Hope Solo, actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen. Thieves do not even afraid boxer Vladimir Klitschko and published photos of his wife Heider Panettiere.
The third portion of the intimate photos hit the net on 27 September. Apple has claimed that the attackers gained access to the intimate "self" celebrities as a result of the attack target, and not because of the vulnerability of the service.
Investigating data breaches the FBI, and the company from Cupertino, services which have been compromised, introduced additional measures to ensure the safety.