Friday, October 3, 2014

"Smart" Case SNAP! 6 turns iPhone 6 Plus into a full camera phone [video]

According to the creators of accessory SNAP! 6, for the convenience of photography with iPhone 6 Plus lacks the ability to operate the device with one hand. The device runs on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, is intended to solve this problem.
«Умный» чехол SNAP! 6 превратит iPhone 6 Plus в полноценный камерофон [видео]

SNAP! 6 Taiwanese bitplay adds mobile device with a touch screen feeling that you shoot most of this camera. The gadget is a case for the iPhone 6 Plus, topped with the shutter release button and a special mount for interchangeable lenses.
Dedicated key for camera, according to the creators, greatly facilitates shooting self. The advantage of SNAP! 6 is not so much that the user presses this button, without touching the touch screen, but in the fact that the device is easy to hold with one hand. Moreover, the device is useful in those cases where a person, for example, is forced to take pictures gloves.
According to independent tests, iPhone 6 Plus camera is the best among all the smartphones on the market . Ability to adjust the exposure, even during video recording and built-in color correction tools bring a camera phone to professional equipment. In addition, it is equipped with an optical image stabilizer, which allows you to make high-quality images of landscapes, including in low light.
To start the production of SNAP! 6 developers need to collect $ 20 000 . Cover the cost of 45 dollars.