Thursday, April 16, 2015

American schools want to sue Apple millions of dollars because of the iPad

The District of Los Angeles (LAUSD) intends to apply to a lawsuit from Apple. We are talking about a prisoner in 2013 the supply contract for the iPad California school children with special educational programs.

"The District of Los Angeles plans to compensate the millions of dollars from tech giant Apple because of problems with the learning content on the iPad, which were supposed to get pupils, teachers and school administrations" - said the LA Times.
At the first stage the iPad had to give 31,000 students, while the total number of tablets made by the end of the program would be 640,000 units. However, in the summer of last year the program was suspended. The reason given was called what students have learned to get rid of the pre-lock and control systems, which prevented the use of the iPad for entertainment purposes.
The deal with Apple for iPad provides installation of specialized courses in English and mathematics. The three-year license adds to the cost of each tablet around $ 200. School District complained that interactive content malfunctioned and did not meet the requirements of the curriculum.
Later it became known that the case for the purchase of an interest in schools iPad FBI. The reason is suspected of collusion with Apple, that is, properly conducted the auction, which resulted in the contract is with a company from Cupertino. Chapter LAUSD Ramon Kartines then stated that the agency can not afford to spend a billion dollars on the tablet Apple.
Rather than purchase Apple-tablet decided to hold test , which involved a number of different mobile devices and each university chose a particular device, which was purchased in the required quantities. Among the proposed schools attended by conventional devices with small displays, laptops, tablets Surface Pro 2, Lenovo Yoga and Chromebooks.