Monday, April 20, 2015

Apple does not allow to change the wallpaper on Apple Watch first generation

Buyers Apple Watch will not be able to set their own picture as a background image on the first-generation models of watches . It is reported resource Razorfly.

There is every reason to believe that Apple has limited ability to install custom images on proprietary "smart" watches. The owners of the device will be only nine design options of the dial: Chronograph, Color, Modular, Utilities, Mickey Mouse, simple dial, Motion, Sundial and Astronomy.
In the preliminary version of Apple Watch has the ability to upload your own dials, to the publication. The list of available "out of the box" options are icons "+", with which you can add any image from the library. For some unknown reason, the final version of hours it was abandoned.
Perhaps this was done with the same purpose, that in the case of the first iPhone eight years ago. Apple Watch is a new category for Apple and each "carrier" will clearly advertise the product for other users. In Cupertino believe that the specially prepared images will look more advantageous than amateur photos.
It is known that the creation of the dial Motion Cupertino-based company has made ​​24,000 images of the flower. Photos to obtain animation bud drop lasted for 285 hours (about 12 days).
April 10, Apple opened the possibility of registration of pre-orders for Apple Watch. Although they will go on sale until April 24, and only nine countries (but there for the most impatient they disperse around the world), the price of the "second screen for iPhone" easily bypass the same iPhone. Apple Watch Cost starts at $ 349 and $ 399 for a small and a large version, respectively, and goes up to $ 17,000 for the top-end variant of the golden version.