Monday, April 13, 2015

Andrios turn the iPhone 6 smartphone to Android 5.0 Lollipop

Holivar between adherents of iOS and Android, seems to never end. Two completely different operating systems and two very different ideologies, despite the use of a number of similar principles. The creators of the project Andrios decided to combine these two worlds without prejudice to both sides.

At first glance it may seem that this design theme, alter the standard home screen in iOS copy desktop Android 5.0, but in fact it is not. Andrios - a complete shell, replacing the programming interface of the mobile platform Apple. The project is created specifically for owners of the iPhone 5 / 5s and iPhone 6.
Of course, neither of which the full experience of using the "Google Phone" can not speak.Andrios only change the design of the operating system in accordance with the canons of Android 5.0 Lollipop. In particular, a new line will look like Spotlight search and control point for easy access to the main settings of the operating system. Lock screen, Notification Center widget with music player, sliders and buttons - all subjected to alteration. The color palette is also fully comply with the Material Design. At the same time, users will be able to choose between interfaces Lollipop and KitKat.
At the moment, developers are completing the preparation of the final version Andrios. The cost of the program, reportedly will not exceed $ 4. The process of creating Android-shell for the iPhone has been going on for several months.