Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apple Beats subscription will cost 10 to 15 dollars a month

Apple is preparing to launch a new service Beats for streaming music. According to the resource Bloomberg, the owners of the iPhone and iPad will not be able to use the service without a subscription. After a short trial period, all users will be transferred to a paid basis.Thus the cost of the subscription will be higher than originally anticipated - $ 10-15 per month.

Recall that not so long ago, Apple acquired Beats, founded the famous rapper Dr. Dre. The main reason for the purchase of expensive experts called interest in the operating time of the company in the field of streaming music. Sources at Apple noted that the company has decided to postpone the launch of the service until mid-June. The new project will present only on June 8 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015).
Apple Beats will work similarly Beats Music in regard to access to music. Users will not be able to listen to free music in any way, despite the fact that many competitors have free access to a particular format, usually on the basis of advertising. This possibility, in particular, have Spotify, Google Music and Russian Zvooq.
Initially, the Cupertino expected to compete with Spotify and Rdio by lower prices ($ 7.99 versus $ 9.99 for a monthly subscription), as well as through a more extensive database of music and a broader user base, on which the device will get the service as a standard musical application. However, the record labels refused to grant Apple special preferences.Then in Cupertino decided to go on the other side and enter into exclusive contracts with international pop stars such as Taylor Swift, Machine, Florence and others.
Meanwhile, these companies are increasingly expressing concern about free formats, because they reduce the number of online shopping. In the Apple support this view. "Music should be payment for the wall" - so consider Apple's vice president Eddy Cue and founder of Beats Music Jimmy Jovinus.
Originally planned to launch a new service at the beginning of March, but Apple has unforeseen difficulties related to dismissals of key staff. Also had difficulties with the integration of technology into the ecosystem Beats Apple. Another reason for the delay was the decision to develop Android-version of the service, which required hiring developers.
Apple Beats release will be held simultaneously with the release of a new version of iOS (possibly under the number 8.4 or 9.0). In her company did a great job on the bugs, greatly increasing the stability of the system. New music service will be available in the form of applications for iOS and Android, Mac-applications and the web version. The product also comes on Apple TV.