Saturday, April 11, 2015

iOS 8.3 iOS 8.2 is faster on older devices [video]

This week, in addition to the start of sales of the new MacBook and start pre-orders Apple Watch the release of the update iOS 8.3 . As the comments, the main innovations for readers iPhoneBul became  blacklist in iMessage and download free applications function without a password. On the iOS 8.3 brought another improvement - faster performance mobile devices. User YouTube-channel Kabriolett, regular software updates trestiruyuschy Apple, proved this by comparing the performance of iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.2.

Testing was sufficiently detailed enthusiast conducted an experiment twice - first in the iPhone 4s, and then placing the iPhone 5. next two veterans of the "apple" line, he reveals the application and assess the speed. Use the calendar, messages, App Store, Camera, Maps, Mail, Safari, Weather and other programs.
Video shows a clear advantage in speed of iOS 8.3. In most cases, this iPhone OSes opens programs faster than iOS 8.2. Despite the fact that the eighth generation operating system created with the expectation of more recent modification of smartphones, "old" work on iOS 8 better than the top models. Changes in the case of the iPhone 5 is not as noticeable to the naked eye, but they also have.
In addition to an overall increase in productivity iOS 8.3 brought a range of new features, as well as a huge number of corrected errors and problems. List of the most valuable innovations updates can be found here .