Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple before the end of the year will introduce a new generation of iPod touch

Along with the presentation of smartphones iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple introduced a new generation of players iPod. Information about a resource MacRumors, referring to sources close to Apple.

Contrary to expectations, the Californian giant has not released a new version of the iPod in the last year with iPhone 6. Moreover, the fall, the company ceased production of iPod Classic, unreleased since 2006. Apple CEO explained that the main reason for refusal of further production of the gadget is the lack of necessary for the production of parts that the company could not find anywhere in the world.
Evil tongues say that Apple deliberately made a drop in sales of players: users' preferences are increasingly leaning toward smartphones with touch screens. If new information is confirmed, together with the launch of music service Apple Beats, on which the company has particular hopes to debut a new generation of players iPod touch. Details on upcoming models yet. According to rumors, Apple will not increase your display device, leaving the old 4-inch panel.
It is believed that Apple wanted to completely abandon the player with a touch screen on a background of successful sales of iPhone. However, several facts suggest that the company has revised the plans. Not long ago, Apple vacancy for the post of head of programs to introduce new products and engineers testing the quality of the team iPod. These posts are to subdivide multimedia players, so there is every reason to believe that Apple really is developing new models or preparing an update of the current rulers.
By the way, the volume of output iPod is not too small, and the Apple produces other products with limited demand - routers AirPort, Apple TV set-top boxes, etc. According to reports, the company will present this year's new flagship iPod and cancel some others, including the iPod touch 5G. The average price sold in the last quarter to $ 161 iPod is., And iPod touch, depending on the memory size is from 229 to 399 dollars.