Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Apple has decided to once again undercover officers [photo]

Under the leadership of Vice President of Retail and online sales Angela Ahrendts Apple revises device Apple Store in an effort to improve the customer experience. In accordance with one of the members of such innovations branded stores of the company changed wardrobe.

On the eve of the start of sales of Apple Watch Apple Store technicians were given new shirts. They have a dark-blue color - much darker than before. Every employee got my hands on two shirts.
Employees of the shop floor at the Apple Store can wear to choose from shirts, polo shirts or conventional with sleeves or without a trademark of Cupertino company. Unlike older models have new clothes, change the position of the logo: before it is centered on the chest, and now has moved "closer to the heart". Thus he became the symbol of a little less than Apple.T-shirt under a white blouse allowed to wear long sleeves.
Angela Ahrendts, passed on to Apple from British manufacturer "luxury" of clothing, accessories and perfumes Burberry, is not the first time employees disguises Apple Store.Last summer, a top manager decided to unify the form of clothing given to employees of the business group Apple Store identical blue T-shirts.
Under the leadership of Ahrendts changed the format is the helpdesk staff Genius Bar, so the approach to solving the problems of buyers became more personal. If before consumers can be ordered only 15 minute meeting to solve each problem, it is now possible to ask for more time to address several problems at once.
Apple Store employees will wear a new form starting from April 10. On this day in Apple stores will offer to everyone acquainted with Apple Watch the clock and complete the fitting device.