Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Samsung ahead of Apple's user loyalty to the brand, analysts say SurveyMonkey

Samsung ahead of Apple's terms of devotion users report indicates research agency SurveyMonkey, studying consumer loyalty to brands. The experts carried out a survey among 5,000 Americans in the IV quarter of 2014.

The rankings take into account the views of consumers aged 18 to 65 years. They were asked to rate the brands and products that are produced under them, in terms of price, quality and convenience.
According to the report SurveyMonkey, Samsung has gained in the field of consumer loyalty 35 points, Apple is following with the result of 28 points. The average result for technology companies is 19 points.
"For manufacturers of smartphones customer loyalty - one of the most important indicators, reflecting the success of their products" - said Vice President WDS Deluchi Tim Smith
Better things from Apple in the assessment department for work with clients. Result of Americans - 41% versus 25% for Samsung. However, in this case, the company is proud of nothing at all, as the average result from technology companies - 75%.
Not too good things Microsoft. The survey on consumer loyalty she gained result -8.Microsoft showed slightly better themselves when dealing with customers, having received 19%, which is still very far from the desired values.
Worst of all proved to cellular operators, where the result of an arithmetic average consumer loyalty was -17. American provider Verizon scored 0 points, AT & T -10 points. As for working with clients, with an average of 50% Verizon gained 44%, AT & T - 43%.