Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Apple has developed a technology management Mac using spatial gestures

Apple won a patent describing a previously unknown variants Computer Management.Application unveiled Tuesday the US Patent and Trademark United States.

After buying Apple in 2013, the company PrimeSense became clear that the plan to work in Cupertino c control gestures in the air. SmartSense - is an Israeli startup that developed a 3D sensor Kinect. Then there was a rumor that the American giant computer electronics technology uses a startup in the development of Apple TV, and "smart" watches. Now, in addition to patents SmartSense, Apple has also a patent for "the management system based on hand gestures and finger" issued April 7, 2015.
The most ambitious scenario: Mac user can control the process by moving your fingers in the air. In a more realistic case - will brandish an inanimate object, like Harry Potter with a broken wand.
Motion control in games started in 1989 with the Power Glove for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 2005 there was a Nintendo Wii games console with a controller Wii Remote. Five years later, entered the market PlayStation Move, and after a couple of months after her - Microsoft Kinect.
Contactless controller Kinect is one of the most common systems of this type. Originally created for the Microsoft Xbox, Kinect later released for the operating system Windows. Controller for Xbox One recognizes up to 25 actions performed by six users, able to read and understand the user heartbeat when you open or close the mouth.
In 2012, Samsung attempted to integrate motion control into their HD-TVs series 8000, but the system is too slow. Apple has every chance of success in this field: it is enough to modify the system "for themselves".