Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Samsung profit in I quarter fell 30%

Samsung has this week announced that it expects another drop their quarterly earnings, which is the fault of increased competition in the key for South Korean smartphone market.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung operating profit in I quarter of 2015 fell in annual terms by 30.5% - to 5.9 trillion won ($ 5.4 billion). This is a preliminary report of the company, and the final will be announced by the end of April, after the audit. However, this result exceeded forecasts of analysts who had forecast a profit of 5.5 trillion won ($ 5 billion).
The company's sales fell by 12% - up to 47 trillion won ($ 43 billion) surveyed analysts expected result of 50.1 trillion won ($ 46 billion).
Drop in profits due to increased competition from Apple and Xiaomi, who won an expensive and cheapest segment of the smartphone market, according to experts polled by. In the last quarter of last year, the share of the mobile market the Samsung was 19.9% ​​(instead of 29.5% a year earlier) against 20.4% for Apple.
Falling revenue softened due to deliveries in the segment of chips and displays other vendors. Corporate profits decreased six consecutive quarters, but the company expects that the situation will change after the start of sales of the flagship Galaxy S6 tubes and Galaxy S6 edge, scheduled for April 10.
After the publication of statements of the company shares Samsung fell by 0.5% - up to 1,462,000 won on the Seoul stock exchange