Friday, April 24, 2015

Apple has released three inspiring promotional video for Apple Watch

On the day of the start of international sales Apple Watch Apple has launched a series of commercials. Videos «Rise», «Up» and «Us» published on the official channel on YouTube.

Advertising demonstrates the capabilities of Apple Watch for sending messages, read e-mail, call answering, fitness workouts, etc. The slogan of the promotional video "Watch here".
The video below shows the melodious music scenes from the life of users Apple Watch. Here are a couple wakes up to the sound of watches. A girl in a foreign country is guided by the map, looking at the screen of the device, and the passenger at the station answers the call. Here's an athlete before a timer runs and woman in restaurant checks messages. In each situation, Apple Watch make life easier and more convenient.
Simultaneously, Apple opened promo page dedicated to Apple Watch. The site shows the life situations in which people use a wearable computer.
Sales of Apple Watch began on Friday April 24 in nine countries around the world.