Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple has released an update for Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor

Apple has updated line of corporate software Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor, adding new features for animation design and significantly faster processing, compression and video transmission. Download the new version can be free through the system updates OS X.

In Final Cut Pro 10.2 appeared easy to use 3D-titles, improved masks for color correction and effects, as well as built-in support for new camera formats and processing processes RED RAW with graphics acceleration. Motion 5.2 further extends the functionality of 3D-titles with the ability to create their own materials and graphical environment with instant publication in Final Cut Pro X. Compressor 4.2 allows you to compress the film, preparing it for sale in the iTunes Store.
"Final Cut Pro X changes the existing approach to video editing - for filmmakers of Hollywood blockbusters, and for those who create their first films - said Phil Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing for Apple. - Updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor provide an opportunity to edit video, add titles and compress files with greater ease, be it short videos or feature films".
Final Cut Pro 10.2 allows filmmakers to create 3D-editing titles by simply dragging and offers as templates for beginners and film-quality templates with built-in background and animation effects. Users can choose any style of text and customize the appearance of titles from hundreds of available combinations of structures, lighting and borders, and instantly convert titles in three-dimensional flat, watching the changes in real time. In addition, Final Cut Pro 10.2 includes support for still more video formats, including Panasonic AVC-Ultra and Sony XAVC-S, and the processing of files in RED RAW format is faster because of the opportunities Mac Pro.
Professional installation directors and graphic designers can take advantage of Motion 5.2, which offers even more opportunities to create 3D-titles. Now the application allows you to create dynamic titles with different types of lighting and shooting angles, as well as multi-scene with 3D-titles, realistic shadows and reflections on other objects.
Appendix Compressor 4.2, in turn, allows you to prepare the film for sale in iTunes Store. Simply select a movie trailer, closed captioning, and much more, and Compressor will create a complete package for the iTunes Store, which users can directly send the partner. In Compressor also been improved such key tasks as encoding, including fast rendering using the GPU function used when Send to Compressor and multi-pass encoding H.264 hardware acceleration on compatible systems.
Download Final Cut Pro X cost $ 299.99, you can follow this link , Motion and Compressor cost $ 49.99 - respectively here and here .