Monday, April 13, 2015

UTorrent developers presented torrent browser Maelstrom

BitTorrent is going to contribute to the process of interaction between users on the Internet. The company has released a new browser Maelstrom, based on the principles of operation of networks p2p.

Maelstrom receives content from peer to peer networks, but not with ordinary servers. Developers have released the first beta version of the browser for Windows. In the near future it is expected Maelstrom for the Mac, but plans to release a browser on Linux is not known yet.
As usual files in p2p-networks, sites for Maelstrom will be on users' computers, which in theory means greater access speed (detection geographically close cache), as well as instant access to the site, due to the inability to exit the main server failure .
Maelstrom is based on the engine, Chromium and can work the other browsers to access the site through the protocols HTTP / HTTPS. In addition, the transmission of data packets can be carried through the P2P-networks. Despite working with engine Chromium, Maelstrom is not officially supported extensions for Chrome and application store Chrome Web Store. Despite this, some applications can still be set.
To Maelstrom helpful, developers must modify their sites to work with torrents, because he does not know how to convert the data. 10,000 programmers and 3500 site owners have already expressed interest in the project.
In addition to the beta version of the browser released a set of development tools to create content for Maelstrom.