Sunday, April 12, 2015

Apple has removed a dangerous vulnerability in OS X, but only for users Yosemite

The update OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 corrected dangerous security flaw could allow an attacker to gain escalated privileges. This vulnerability is present in all operating systems, Apple, starting with version OS X 10.7.

Vulnerability discovered in October last year specialist Swedish company Emil Truesec Kvarnhammar. "Hole" opens the possibility of increasing the security privileges in several versions of the operating system. Apple has fixed the bug only in the update OS X 10.10.3, which came out this week.
Because of this error, the user can bypass the restrictions the user's shell and get root access, which under normal circumstances he would have needed a password. The network has already been published several demonstrations vulnerabilities in different versions of OS X. himself Kvarnhammar presented a video in which he confirms the existence of gaps, without going into the technical details.
As it turned out Engadget, Apple has no plans to release a patch for users Mavericks and Mountain Lion, due to technical difficulties. The company recommends users to migrate to the latest version of the operating system - OS X Yosemite.
Users of previous versions of the OS X operating system, experts recommend to use for ordinary tasks accounts without administrator rights, and to encrypt the data on your hard disk using the technology FileVault.