Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rushing wires, "burn-out" of the graph, the spots on the display - the problems that owners complain technology Apple

Apple technology is considered the most reliable and popular on the market. However, even the most reliable smartphones, tablets and computers are found defects and faults. One of the latest complaints "mac users" for the "peeling" Display MacBook. In Siliconus offered to remember what other defects can show up after some time of use "apple" technique.
Рвущиеся провода, «выгорающая» графика, пятна на дисплее – проблемы, на которые жалуются владельцы техники Apple

Wipe the charging cables

Wire for charging - class of devices Apple, which is constantly being criticized by the users.Complaints come in all kinds of chargers from Apple - 30-pin wire, Lightning-cables for charging MacBook.
The most common defects - fray insulation at the base of the cord and metal corrosion, which causes deterioration of the battery charger (rust formed on a gold-plated, prevents charging gadget). The users have to change the battery chargers up to two times per year.
Apple does not recognize the problem, accusing the owners of their devices in their misuse.In 2011, consumers filed a class action lawsuit against the company, forcing it to replace the battery cords with defects.

"Burnable" MacBook Pro graphics

Apple made ​​a defendant in a class action under the MacBook Pro users produced in 2011, accusing a California corporation to sell laptops with defective graphics card .
The first complaint on AMD cards appeared in February 2013. Owners of 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro reported that the laptop screen after the video in high resolution video adapter or of the loading of software packages began appearing distortions (artifacts). A number of people are missing the final image - when you start MacBook Pro displays a blue or gray screen.
Sometimes it helps to reboot or reinstall the operating system, but after a while the problem returns. Some people use the utility to force the use of graphics controller Intel - it blocks the switch to digital adapter.
In the MacBook Pro 2011 edition installed GPUs AMD Radeon HD 6490M, Radeon HD 6750M and Radeon HD 6770M, depending on the configuration, along with integrated graphics Intel HD. Members suggest that the problem lies in the gradual deterioration of consumer properties of graphics cards under the influence of heat.
The most impatient turned to Apple to replace laptop motherboards. This is an expensive procedure which can afford not everyone.

Peel antiglare screen

Apple laptops have a special anti-glare screen coating, which reduces the level of reflection: the picture is clearly at home and on the street. The problem is that when the lid is closed notebook surface layer at the time of contact with the keyboard is exposed to abrasion and after some time moves away from the display panel . Users online Staingate publish photos troubled MacBook Pro.
Floor, according to the creators of the resource can start to peel within seven months after the acquisition of the notebook. Usually damage appear on the MacBook, which are often in a bag or backpack - covering erased in contact with the keys. Basically the problem is seen in MacBook Pro Retina, issued in 2012-2014.
In this case, refer to the Apple MacBook and exchange warranty virtually no possibility - like lesions classified as "cosmetic" and not covered by warranty. Owners AppleCare extended warranty have the opportunity to replace my MacBook to the new - the rest is to be replaced denied. However, some owners AppleCare admitted that they, too, could not replace my MacBook.
Discussion of the problem on the Apple site gained 102,000 views and 600 comments from users who have discovered the damage on the screens of their laptops. Some of them say that the insurance AppleCare does not justify the means in it - no good, according to them, it still does not work.
According to those affected laptop owners who have already managed to contact the service center Apple, the company's representatives accused have problems users themselves - according to technical support, they do not follow the instructions for the care of gadgets posted on the website Apple. However, most buyers states that adhere to the recommendations of Apple.
The cost of restoring the former status of the display, according to the site Staingate, is $ 800 - the cheapest MacBook Pro Retina costs only $ 300 more expensive.

"Discard cloudy" iMac screen

A few years ago the owner of the 27-inch iMac from the United States Corbin Rasmussen filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the fact that his computer does not operate normally 18 months after purchase. Product Warranty has expired and the Americans have no possibility to repair the car for free.
The problem with the iMac was found a half years after purchase. According to Rasmussen, half of the image on a computer screen has become turbid, besides the screen periodically turned off when watching videos or websites on the Internet.
The plaintiff appealed to Apple, but the company's specialists offered him repaired iMac for $ 500. It turned out that the Apple Support forum on this problem, many users complain, the American concluded that the company originally sold him a defective product. Rasmussen demanded free repair your iMac, but received a negative response.