Friday, April 10, 2015

Apple introduced new models of wireless headphones Beats Solo2 colored iPhone

On the day of the start of pre-orders for Apple Watch and the start of sales of the new MacBook , Apple has expanded its range of branded headphones Beats Solo2 three new models. In addition to blue, black, pink and red version will be a model in silver, gold and gray version.

Special edition headphone is presented in three versions, the color of each modification iPhone 6 - gold, silver and gray space. Thus, users of Apple's flagship smartphone can choose the color of your phone.
Beats Solo2 is an improved version of the popular model of headphones with a new design and improved sound. Each pair of headphones is made of durable flexible material, reinforced with metal insert, which does not allow them to break. Their appearance is also good - each pair of headphones is processed by high-quality transparent coating used in cars.
Solo2 received positive feedback from Western journalists - headphones provide a clear sound and deep bass. The much-lauded Beats obliged professionals Apple, which had a hand in the creation of the product.
Beats Solo2 Wireless sold in the US for $ 299 - $ 100 more expensive than wired models.Beats Wireless headphones can play music including Smart hours Apple Watch. The user wearable device 2 GB for storing music files. Runtimes Beats Solo2 stated at 12 hours.