Friday, April 10, 2015

Netflix make a parody of Apple Watch [Video]

Popular video service Netflix has released a parody promo video that talks about non-existent wearable devices Netflix Watch. Comic videos on YouTube collected more than 150 thousand. Display.

Video ridicules the idea of ​​a wearable computer Apple. On smart watches Netflix you can watch movies and TV shows wherever the user is located, because "life is too short to waste precious time". Probably refers to the iPhone with a cover in order to wear it on your arm. At the end of the video shows the model of Netflix Watch Plus, which is probably the iPad in a similar case.
Parody advertisement Netflix came a day after the appearance of the first reviews of Apple Watch. Reviews of novelty proved to be controversial. Journalists agree that the company has released the best smart watches on the market, while some criticized quite confusing interface device and obsessive notice.
Apple Watch support the basic functions of iPhone, allowing you to answer calls, send messages, thus saving time. Apple is positioning the new product for the first time as a fashionable and stylish accessory and therefore offers luxury models in gold case and a wide range of modifications of "smart" watches.