Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple released a new video instructions on using Apple Watch: Apple Pay, Activity, Workout

In anticipation of the start of sales of Apple Watch in the "first wave", Apple has posted on the official website of the three new video, which reveal important features of the new items. In total, the company issued 11 video tour about the product.

"Smart" Watch Apple for the first weekend of pre-orders have been booked for more than 1 million times, and the total number of orders worldwide analysts estimate the figure of 2.3 million. Those who are not able to carry out the order of the first, the clock will go in the summer, but in anticipation of the new gadget Apple Watch future owners can learn a few new tricks with the help of the next three video instructions.
On Thursday, the official website of Apple, new videos Apple Pay, Activity and Workout, which give a general idea of ​​smart watches Apple Watch. The company focuses not only on the viewers watch design, but also on their opportunities. With Apple Watch users can make payments and keep track of their physical activity.
"Welcome to the world of Apple Watch. This is our most personal device that you can always carry with them. Watches smoothly work with the iPhone, to provide a completely new kind of user experience" - says the voice-over.
Previous video instructions on the basic features related to Apple Watch process of change and adjustment dials, View and reply to messages, communicate with friends, as well as phone calls, work with Siri and maps. They are available on this and this links.