Thursday, April 23, 2015

Google: malware for Android does not exist

Malware for the Android operating system does not exist, but instead the device infect "potentially malicious applications" said chief engineer Adrian Ludwig Android team at the conference RSA 2015. He explained that Google does not use the term "malware" (malware), as for him there are too many causes confusion interpretations.

Ludwig said that Google shares "potentially malicious applications" (potentially harmful applications) 20 subcategories, which includes trojans, rogue programs, etc. The expert also deplored the use of the term "spyware".
"When we (the term) is used, we mean that the software captures too much data and sends them out of the device. However, there is a huge difference between collecting and sending SMS and all information about all installed applications on your device. This is commonly called "aggressive advertising" - quoted SecurityLab Ludwig.
An application that "spies" for another application at Google, called "married", and such kind of programs - "marital software".
According to Ludwig, "potentially malicious applications" installed by less than 1% Android-devices, and the number of attacks exploiting vulnerabilities growing at such a low rate that is virtually invisible to Google. "The fact that the amount of malware is growing and most devices are not protected - it's a myth" - said Ludwig.
Recall that in early April, tens of thousands of users of the service "Mobile Banking" from Sberbank were victims of scams that exploit vulnerabilities Android. According to sources, 20-30 thousand clients were victims of developers who stole money from attached to the mobile phone number of bank cards with the help of the virus Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS.svpeng.a.