Friday, April 24, 2015

Apple saved on wireless charging for Apple Watch Sport

On Friday, Apple began selling Apple Watch in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, China, France and Japan. In these countries, "smart" watches began to get those buyers who had the first issue via the Internet launched April 10 pre-order.

Latter-day owners of the most affordable model Apple Watch Sport surprised to find that the device comes with a plastic charger. Inductive charging is performed in the form of a circular washer, which is attached to the back side of the watch. In promotional materials worn on the wrist of the product is shown with a metal adapter, outraged users. Some buyers are unhappy with this fact.
In the US, the cost of the most affordable model Apple Watch Sport is $ 349 and $ 399 for the 38-mm and 42-mm version respectively. Classic Collection Apple Watch estimated at $ 549 to $ 1,099. The difference in cost is due not only to the materials of the charger, but the body of the electronic bracelet. Apple Watch Sport made of aluminum alloy 7000 series, while the collection of models Apple Watch - stainless steel.
Apple Watch - the first fundamentally new gadget Apple, which is not the creation of a hand, Steve Jobs, who controlled release music player iPod, the iPhone and tablet iPad. His successor in the chair Tim Cook and chief designer Jonathan Ive started working on smart-watches in 2011, after the death of Steve Jobs. The most expensive version of the device - Apple Watch Edition - costs from $ 10,000 to $ 17,000.