Friday, April 24, 2015

Apple sold through the brand, our products better

Head of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei Devices, dealing with mobile devices Richard Yu, said that his company's products are in no way inferior devices Apple. He is convinced that the success of "apple" products is associated primarily with the brand of the American corporation.

"Take, for example, our bracelet TalkBand and compare it with Apple Watch: he looks more expensive and premium than the Apple watch. Ask people what they prefer? Our product!Apple has brand power is much greater than ours, but our product is better" - said a top manager.
Yu said that Huawei smartphone industry lags behind other manufacturers about three years, as the company later entered the market. But this does not apply to a segment of "smart" watches". Our development team has been tasked to - to be a leader in this market.And as we begin together with all our competitors, then there can be no excuses" - said Richard E.
"Before, we had problems with the design, thereby losing even if equality in technology. But now we have research centers in London and Paris, employing the most talented professionals from around the world" - quotes the words of Richard Yu Cnet.
In March of this year, Huawei launched an exhibition MWC 2015 presentation smart watches Huawei Watch . The company claims that their clock in a classic design is equally suited to casual wear, business suit or sportswear. In the latter case, the operating system Android Wear, which operates wearable computer provides the possibility to monitor the activity of the owner and the measurement of heart rate.
Cost Huawei Watch, regardless of the chosen color of the gadget and its associated strap is 999 euros.