Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Apple will open on April 24 in Hangzhou second Apple Store

Apple will open on Friday, April 24, another chain store in China. The new Apple Store will be located in Hangzhou, which took place in February, the grand opening of the store «West Lake». At the launch of a new point of sale are expected to attend the head of department of retail and online sales of Apple Angela Ahrendts.

The second Apple Store in Hangzhou is located on Fuchun Road 701 in the district Dzhiangan. Store will open its doors to the first day of sales of "smart" watches Apple Watch.
Apple Store in due time became one of the brilliant ideas of Steve Jobs - at a time when no one believed that the computer shop could compete with luxury chain stores of leading brands. Network, celebrated last year its 13th anniversary , has become a great success Apple, it has contributed to the growth of the company and individual stores are profitable per square meter of retail space in two times greater than jewelry stores Tiffany.
Chief among them is opened in 2006, the New York Apple Store - the same, the entrance to which is a clear glass cube height of almost 10 meters with a suspended inside the bitten apple. Currently, he is considered one of the main attractions of New York.
For the first six months of the year, Apple has opened five stores in China retail Apple Store - hurry to the top of the Chinese New Year. The first was just the West Lake in Hangzhou.According to the statement of Angela Ahrendts, all in China by the end of 2016 is planned to open 25 official points of sale.