Wednesday, April 8, 2015

iOS 8.3 will have anti-spam filter

A new feature in the latest beta version of iOS 8.3 allows the user to quickly report Apple's spam messages in the iMessage. Previously, users had to go through the procedure of sending an e-mail to Apple with a description of the problem.

Experts have repeatedly recorded spam attack suffered by users of corporate messenger Apple. Advertising messages are usually owners get iPhone, iPad and Mac, living in big cities. Cloudmark research company found that almost a third of all mobile spam is sent through iMessage. Fraudsters particularly intensified after the "apple" service is now available on your Mac.
Cpameram not need to know the mobile phone number in order to send a message - just e-mail address of "victim". Thus, the letter will come immediately to all gadgets with iMessage to the specified e-mail. According to the instructions Apple, when receiving a spam message, the user can make a screenshot of the window with iMessage text of the letter, the sender's phone number, delivery time and send it to a special address.
With the release of iOS 8.3 to talk about spam attack will be much easier. In the new version in the application iMessage next to the message, not the man sent from the contact list, a new button "Delete and report spam". It allows you to not only quickly to remove objectionable content, but to place the number in the black list. In addition, so the user will notify Apple about spam resulting in the company will help in blocking promotional mailings.
iOS 8.3 beta 4 is now available for download on March 24. It russified Apple Siri, refused to implement the wireless interface options CarPlay, added a new set of "emoticons" and removed the label "beta" next to the Media Library iCloud.
Get access to iOS 8.3, anyone can now under testing programs Apple . The release of the final version is expected to start selling Apple Watch, scheduled for April 24. Summer Apple will introduce a preliminary version of iOS 9.