Monday, April 20, 2015

Application with 10 widgets Orby Widgets became available for free

Developer set of widgets for smartphones and tablets Orby Widgets Free distributes your application. 

In a set offered 10 interactive panels for Notification Center iOS 8. Memory displays the status of RAM in the form of a pie chart and the ratio as a percentage of used and free space, CPU - processor load, Storage - take up space on the flash drive iPhone and iPad.With Battery can estimate the percentage of battery power and battery life to a complete discharge of the mobile device.
The list also includes useful widgets Network, Network Addresses and Runtime. The first shows the statistics of traffic flow through Wi-Fi and cellular networks, which is useful for those who have limited tariff plans. The second makes it possible to learn Mac-address and IP devices. Finally, Runtime, shows the time since the last reboot of the gadget and the relevant date.
All ten widgets you can enable, disable, and located in the center of notifications in a free manner. When you call the Center of the notification they do not slow down the operating system, and when scrolling update statistics and use a nice animation.
Orby Widgets can download on your iPhone and iPad at this link .