Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Came the first teaser of the new game Angry Birds Fight! [Video]

Rovio has officially unveiled a new project in the universe Angry Birds - Angry Birds Fight! It is about a dynamic game genre, "three-in-a-row" with familiar characters - birds and pigs.

The gameplay is a lot like Need a Hero. The screen of the mobile device is divided into two parts. Top contenders are shown (your bird and the enemy pig). The main part of the screen is the playing field 7x7 cells. It is right for 30 seconds to collect the largest possible number of "chips". The more gather gamer, the stronger the attack. By the end of the game session takes place battle heroes. If a player has played well - his hero wins.
The user can "pump" the bird. For it can take many things that affect how to look, and the combat characteristics. Gamers can pass the game in single player mode or PvP.
Angry Birds Fight! developed with an eye on the Asian market, as evidenced by including a limited launch of the project. Whatever it was, the game looks very interesting. The Finnish company hopes to repeat the success of the original series.
Download Angry Birds Fight! in the presence of the Taiwanese account, you can follow this link .