Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Share of iOS 8 mobile devices, Apple has reached 79%

Apple regularly updates the statistics reflecting the distribution of shares of all versions of iOS in the market. The next update to the App Store was held on Tuesday, April 14th.

Statistics Apple once again shows that the share of iOS 8 is steadily increasing. If in the middle of March to date on the present moment the platform took 77% of the market, as of April 14, its share increased to 79%, showing a two-percent increase. One in five smartphone and tablet production Apple (19%) is currently working under the iOS 7, and 2% are older versions of the OS.
Adaptation of "eight" took a longer time than the adaptation of the previous version - iOS 7. To meet this target iOS 8 took seven months.
It's hard to say what factors influenced so slow the speed of propagation of the new system.Many users have reported a large number of defects in the original release. Others did not like the feature set. A common complaint - the size of the update, it takes about 5 GB of free space.
Worth noting that the achievement level of three-fourths of devices for six months - a slow speed only by the standards of Apple. For any other manufacturer is impressive.
Recall, April 9, Apple has released an update iOS 8.3 , which brought many improvements "under the hood", and 300 new emoticons. Now the company together with the developers of testing iOS 8.4 with a new music application. Release update is expected in the run-up to the conference for developers WWDC 2015 .