Sunday, April 12, 2015

Case Keyboard Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard makes typing on the iPhone 6 Plus more comfortable

Modern mobile devices should be as portable, consider at Apple, which is confirmed in practice their proprietary ultra-thin tablet and smartphone. However, the touch input even 5.5-inch display iPhone 6 Plus may seem to some users less convenient than working with a full keyboard. However, a separate keyboard, even wireless, does not always work to find a place in your bag / backpack, especially when paired with her plan to use Phablet.

To allow owners to iPhone 6 Plus with ease typing while maintaining mobility, the company Brando presented one of the most compact Bluetooth-keyboard device. In addition to the primary purpose, thin keyboard unit acts as a cover for your device securely protecting it from damage.
A distinctive feature of the model Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard is a foldable portable keyboard. New smartphone allows you to install a retractable frame, making printing in large quantities most comfortable.
The keyboard is connected to the iPhone 6 Plus via Bluetooth, so it can be used at a distance - the connection is maintained within a radius of 10 meters. And the power of the gadget provides built-in battery charging via micro-USB. The set comes with a keyboard plastic overlay on the rear panel, thus ensuring full protection iPhone.
iPhone 6 Plus Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard went on sale this week, the price of new items is $ 48.