Sunday, April 12, 2015

Former Apple employee works with Google on the revolutionary batteries

As it became known, Google X lab is working to create an innovative battery that can last longer modern lithium-ion batteries - make power supplies more efficient, safe and compact. Reported edition Wall Street Journal.

Presumably, development began in 2012, its leader is Ramesh Bhardwaj. Prior to his employment in Google Bhardwaj worked for several years at Apple in the department specializing in batteries. His research team consists of four employees.
One of the concepts under consideration are flexible solid-state batteries, in which the company Dyson has recently invested $ 15 million. They are liquid compounds replaced hard materials through which the current flows. This will result in a more compact and safe batteries, which are collected in thin layers, which makes them suitable for use in mobile and handheld devices.
Batteries are created Google thinner and find application in flexible devices, and can be implanted in the human body. In the "smart" glasses Google Glass such batteries can be useful when recording video, as well as in measuring the glucose level contact lenses Google.
Four members of Google's efforts in the field of rechargeable batteries are not limited.Together with AllCell Technologies LLC is working on batteries for the project balloons Loon and three more projects.