Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Crystal Sound": test audiophile amplifier Denon DA-10 for iPhone and iPad

External USB DAC for mobile devices is small in size and the possibility of battery life on a powerful built-in battery. Thus, they are primarily designed for use with smart phones, and portable players. However, nothing prevents their use with a desktop or laptop.

Speaking "USB DAC for mobile devices", do not forget that this is a truly versatile device.Their scope is very broad and clearly beyond the scope of options "to listen to music on the go". Resource Hifinews tested the sound of one of the most popular models in this category Denon DA-10 - "audiophile" amplifier for the iPhone and iPad.

Design and Ergonomics

Denon DA-10 looks very solid and quite brutal for mobile gadget. The body is made of plastic, but decorative aluminum moldings give the device a special "technocratic charm."Large volume control also supports the "image" of a serious and expensive instrument.
Another story - supplied a large leather bag with two compartments. It is very conveniently located and the smartphone and the DAC. Also, a separate "compartment" for storing cables. An important point: the smartphone (and playback process) can be controlled directly through the transparent window cover without removing the phone.

Design, functional

In its "constitution" is a model of "high-flying", able to compete not only with mobile, but also stationary solutions with audiophile grade. Ball ruled Converter Burr-Broun PCM1795 (Denon in his highly respected) - many well-known Hi-Fi manufacturers use this particular chip and its stationary audio components. Accordingly, the DAC is capable of playing audio with a sampling frequency of 32 to 192 kHz and bit depth to 24-bit. It also supports one-bit DSD-format (used in SACD) - with the bit to 64/128. Digital filtering is an exclusive proprietary system AL32 advanced DSP, intricately up-bit standard audio from 16 to 32 bits. This "refreshing" the treble and makes it more "intelligible" bass. In the DA-10 also provides other devices that smooth "roughness" of the signal, reduce the phase noise and jitter is minimized.

Player Denon DA-10

To connect the iOS-devices in the device provides jack USB. There is also a Micro USB port for PC connection. Provides analog (linear) audio input - 3.5 minijack. Gain switch (located at the end) allows to connect headphones to any design (with different impedance), as well as to optimize the output signal for transmission to an external power amplifier (active or monitor speaker). Headphone and line-out - mini-jack and 3.5.
Accordingly, there is everything you need (connector + controller) to the amplifier can be used as an external DAC for analog Hi-Fi-system. Built 3200 mA / h. lithium-ion battery is rated for 7 hours with the iPhone and iPad, and when connected via analog input can listen to music almost daily in a row.


Sound Denon DA-10 leaves a pleasant impression. Yes, the sound is built that way to "enjoy" the listener. Felt that Denon has its own understanding of "wonderful", which the company and embodies the sound. That is why, the sound can be described as "audiophile". It is intriguing, involves, opens something new, previously both innocent ... Latitude frequency range, the purity and clarity - at the highest level. If you use a high-end headphones or even connect DA-10 to severe active monitor speaker will surprisingly "adult", large-scale sound with a fairly broad and deep lurks the scene and clearly focused voices. But still, this machine more for the pleasure of listening to music than to the meticulous, analytical analysis of audio data.
Strong DAC, featuring a robust design and high quality. Musical style unit has its own kind of "calligraphy" (generally characteristic products Denon) - brand fans will be pleased. The device is easy to "sygryvatsya" even the most demanding and greedy for power headphones. However, the device can be successfully used in stationary and audio systems to play music through speakers. Definitely happy and equipment, including two-piece case and cables for all occasions.


  1. USB-DAC mobile / headphone amplifier
  2. Audiophile converter Burr-Briwn PCM-1795; c digital filtering using proprietary AL32 advanced DSP; signal / noise ratio - 108 dB
  3. 2 x USB and one audio line; 3.5mm audio output; compatibility with different versions of iPhone / iPod - Guides Included
  4. Switching gain level: low / high
  5. Aluminum housing; two-piece leather case included
The main advantages of Denon DA-10 can be distinguished tech design, ease of use and sound quality. Fans of more rigorous, neutral, analytical sound, style of play may seem a bit "embellished".