Saturday, April 18, 2015

Renowned actor ruined advertising Samsung Galaxy S6, writing a tweet from his iPhone

American actor and rapper Nick Cannon discredited campaign Samsung, in which he himself takes an active part by sending one of its related tweets with the iPhone.

Cannon got into trouble by posting a tweet with the tag #SamsungGS6 from your iPhone. Later, the signature has been removed, but a screenshot of the original recording spread on the Internet. According to the text Twitty designed for 5 million subscribers Cannon, actor thrilled with "crazy camera Galaxy S6Э.
However, the error is not unique Cannon. Similar puncture occurred in 2013 with the head of T-Mobile operator John Leger. He wrote a flattering tweet about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with his brand new iPhone 5s. To hush up the scandal, Leger posted a photo of all of their devices, noting that uses, as a product from Apple, and products Samsung.
However, thus Leger only made the situation worse: its subscribers noticed that iPhone 5s have multiple application screens and smartphone clearly is in active use. At the same time, the Galaxy Note 3 as if in a hurry was put on charge, and lying on the Galaxy Gear Watch it showed no signs of life.
TV host Oprah Winfrey is famous for the fact that the advertised Surface tablets with the iPad, and tennis player David Ferrer, declared his love for Galaxy S4 mobile phone with Apple. The same mistake was made and creative director BlackBerry Alicia Keys - she wrote in a microblog with the iPhone. Under the contract, the famous pianist and composer must use only Canadian manufacturer of smartphones.