Sunday, April 12, 2015

Docking Station for Apple Watch and iPhone NuDock has collected 7 times the required amount [video]

Prior to the start of sales of "smart" watches Apple Watch is still more than a week, but the producers, knowing the dimensions of the device ahead of time began to produce the first compatible accessories with it. Trends began to emerge around the whole market: prospective buyers are already offering to buy the gadget charging cradle, protective covers and film, removable straps and portable battery.

NuDock Power Station Lamp is a minimalist stand for simultaneous charging of two Apple-devices, Apple Watch and smartphones iPhone, "a covered" LED lamp with regulation of brightness. The device can be easily accommodated on the bedside table, and even in this case play the role of a lamp. Built-in energy-efficient smart lamp is controlled by touch-sensitive buttons on the panel. It can be set to a gradual attenuation at bedtime.
Provided for in NuDock Power Station Lamp port is suitable only for smartphones - to try to put on the charging plate does not make sense. In order to be able to connect to the dock iPad, developers should consider the USB-port.
Docking station is a stylish aluminum body, so it will look harmoniously next to a MacBook or iMac. The watch on the stand hung at an angle so that they can be convenient to use directly while charging. Included with the device is attached and a portable battery, it can also be charged from NuDock.
Order NuDock Power Station Lamp can Indiegogo online for only $ 129. Initially, developers planned to raise $ 30,000 for the production of the gadget, but by this time people have made more than $ 200 000. After the sale rack will cost $ 250.