Friday, April 17, 2015

Docking Station HydraDock add 11 new ports for 12-inch MacBook

Radical approach to the design of the new Apple MacBook models already turned inconvenience to customers computer. The laptop has only one port USB-C, through which he, in fact, is receiving power. Connecting third-party peripherals makes working with him in juggling connectors and number of different adapters on the table to increase the user to indecent. A new project on Kickstarter site is designed to solve this problem.

HydraDock device called a 11-port docking station with built-in USB-C. The user is one Gigabit Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort (maximum resolution 2560h1440 pixels), one port HDMI (resolution up to 1080p), two-port USB-C for data transmission, four-port USB 3.0, slot for memory cards SDXC and headphone jack . Separately powered dock.
Developers are proud of the special design HydraDock: docking station also serves as a stand for MacBook, improving the usability of the notebook. Well, as a bonus: car charger and an adapter to connect the iPhone to the USB-C.
Leave a reservation for HydraDock possible on this page . The first buyers device will cost $ 99.