Friday, April 24, 2015

Does not Commute: unexpected masterpiece

Now surely someone winced as we do? What Does not Commute ? Never heard. Again, I suppose, advertising, huh? Brought the same well? And here and there, dear friends - Does not Commute about you, perhaps, hear for the first time, but about their authors something so you know. Smash Hit. Granny Smith. Familiar, does not it? Well - the authors of these hits, but hardly brilliant projects jumped themselves and built a real miracle. Who does not play - the only himself to blame.

The case, in general, is. You are given a small area. Then the car - it is necessary to go from one place to another. Preferably quickly - timer ticks. Then give a second machine - also go from one place to another. And now - please! When you drive a second machine, the first also comes into play - it was such a route, how do you start it earlier. Only one level - 15 cars. And timer.
It is logical to assume that somewhere in the tenth run of the day in case of the present apocalypse: all ten cars that you - of course, is far from ideal - held in the city, at the same time begin to move with you. Accordingly, if you chudachili collected poles and wagged on the road by the end of the level just scared to go - fourteen crazy monster drive on the roads, trying to throw every second trick. Feeling that hit the city, where all the polls take butyrate.
Game, we recall, is pumped when the timer expires. It can be extended (on the road strewn bonuses), but it is better not to waste time. That is, drive carefully and that it is important to remember how you went - very often crashed here in his own car, because I forgot how to turn on this laid dashing turn. If absolutely nakosyachili - you can replay: for this timer to nip off for one second.
In parallel with the driver orgy unfolds - no, you just think - a real detective story with overtones. About every car owner here tell the story - where he was going and why. Often this is harmless nonsense - say, late for work. But among these everyday histories have strange inclusions: for example, car rides itself, without a driver. Or on the screen often appears suspicious advertiser Mr. Baker - why would it, eh? But the dentist Charles Schneider obviously up to something - very much like a mad scientist ... We will not disclose all the cards, just note - the plot in Does not Commute served very original way that reveals the world's great game.
Ah, yes - the world of the game. It takes place in the American town of the 60s and is one of the most stylish iterations among heavy games. Starting from the main menu - the volume control knob is made in the form of radio, ending with the overall design of the city: quiet, calm, however, what is called "a rotten" - it is clear that there is still something not clear.
To unravel all the secrets Does not Commute and pretty smash his head over the disposition of the local traffic is not worth anything - play for free. You honestly suggest to pass the application without paying anything - it really can be done. But. One micropayment still make life much easier - a piece that enable breakpoints can only be for a fee. Otherwise, after the defeat must begin anew - as in the eight-bit games. And, hell, the game is worth it. If no more.