Friday, April 24, 2015

On the day of the start of sales on Apple Watch boutiques formed a queue [photo]

On Friday, April 24, Apple released a long-awaited "smart" watch Apple Watch, announced in September 2014. In retail stores Apple Store gadget does not appear for some time, but the devices are available in retail outlets partners of the corporation. We are talking about a limited number of boutiques that are in storage for a number of gadgets.

The first batch of Apple Watch was bought entirely on pre-order in a matter of minutes. Gold models that cost at least $ 10,000, lasted a little longer - they sold out in a few hours. Meet all the pre-orders once the company can not, therefore, began selling a limited number of outlets. In the US, for example, there is only one such shop.
Also one outlet there in Tokyo, London and Berlin. According to some reports, the London store has at its disposal 570 copies of smart watches, Tokyo - 350.
Those wishing to buy Apple Watch lining up with the crowd formed even where the sale is not officially scheduled: example of this is the situation, for example, in Australia. As we learned from video message Apple's vice president Angela Ahrendts to staff, the situation with the lack of devices bought the iwatch via the Internet will continue in May.
May 8 is listed in the various rumors as the date when Apple opens the second wave of pre-orders on the smart watch. Apple Watch now sold in nine countries, and, if we take the indicator of the country at the start of the second wave of sales of the iPhone 6.