Thursday, April 9, 2015

Facebook launched a web version of its messenger

Corporate messenger users Facebook has become available to correspond to the desktop computer using a web browser. You can use the service by clicking on a direct link .

Company Facebook launched a web version of the messenger, the development of which became known in the past year. Using the browser, the user can communicate using Messenger on your computer as well as on the smartphone. All messages will be synchronized - ie correspondence on the computer will be reflected in a mobile application, and correspondence in the application - on your computer.
However, as users have found, if you go for a direct link, you can log into the application using their login and password from Facebook. Also, when there are buttons for normal and video, but this feature is not yet available.
In March, the conference F8 social network has announced a significant change in the project Messenger . Out of the ordinary messenger service decided to turn into a platform for the integration of third-party applications. Tools that Facebook provides developers, help them to implement the use of certain functions directly from the Messenger - for example, taking pictures or videos. Previously included in the Facebook messenger function of remittances .
Last year, this application for instant messaging and video used 700 million members of social networks.