Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review of the new photo app for Mac

In June last year, Apple announced the termination of the development of Aperture and iPhoto for Mac in favor of a new photo app for OS X. Today, users have access to the final version of the program - it was a part of his debut on Wednesday upgrade OS X 10.10.3 .

Tabletop Photo borrowed many design elements in OS X Yosemite and the mobile version of Photo. For example, a translucent toolbar through which to view the contents of the desktop and windows of other programs. The application itself is made in minimalist style: button "back and forth" slider zoom tab "Photo", "General", "Albums", "projects", as well as a button "Share" and search. When you connect iPhone, iPad, camera, or SD-card panel appears fifth tab to import images.
Photo Section contains the entire collection of pictures on your computer. Like the mobile version of sorting performed on sections Years Collections and Moments. If you click and hold on the sketch, there is a large preview image. Clicking and scrolling across the screen, you can quickly view the entire contents of the library.
General tab works similar to the iCloud section in iPhoto. After activation service Mediatheque iCloud application loads the photos from a remote warehouse Apple and presents them in a grid. On the Albums stored on your computer by photo albums. In contrast to the mobile version, there are already several predefined collections: Film, People Last Import, Favorites, Panorama, Video, slowly, and Interval Series. On the Projects tab are special projects - slideshows, books, cards and calendars.
When connecting iOS-device to your computer, as well as in the case of iPhoto, on the toolbar, an additional point. Clicking on it opens a gallery of photos of an iPhone or iPad.Import images can be either all at once or by selecting the required and selecting "Import Selected". If your Mac is connected to two sources, such as SD-card and the iPhone, in the drop-down menu to select the desired device.
In addition to viewing and organizing your photo library for Mac offers advanced tools for editing photos. Special mode for image processing opens "Change" button. The color of the interface changes from light to dark.
The list of available tools in the program: Improving, rotation, filters, fixes and updates. Only eight filters: Mono Tint, Noir, Dissolve, photochrome, process, transport, and for a moment.Crop tool allows you to crop the picture to the desired format: Arbitrary, 16: 9, 8:10, 5: 7 and others. In the section for color three points: Light, Color and B & W with the ability to adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows, black point, etc. Many of the icons in this section of the program moved to the mobile version of Photo.
Overall Picture for Mac leaves a positive impression. In addition to a more user-friendly and modern interface, the program characterized by high speed, even when working with a large library of photographs. This, as you know, iPhoto could not boast.