Thursday, April 16, 2015

How does the interface Apple Watch

The most personal device Apple and the newest addition to the "apple" of the ecosystem will be available on sale on April 24th. In Cupertino positioning Apple Watch as ultra-precise watches, personal device for instant communication, as well as a brand new assistant for health and fitness.

Journalists Western publications, received early access to Apple Watch, not much praised user interface, considering it quite confusing. Reddit user has made a visual infographic explaining the principle of operation of the program cover smart watches.
Mainly on Apple Watch is a desktop with icons of applications. To display the dial enough to touch the application icon "Clock" or double click wheel Digital Crown. In the Apple Watch shows the current time and additional information depending on the dial. If you use a gesture Force Touch - tap the screen with little effort - opens the edit mode dial.
Hours from the page can be called Notification Center or Glance - swipe up and down, respectively. Notification center stores coming to pager and displays them in the form of tape. Glance - a special mode of operation of applications installed on the device, works on the principle of widgets.
From anywhere in the operating system can cause the Contacts and Apple Pay. To do this you need to do respectively single or double-click the side button (next to the wheel). To open a voice assistant Siri, enough to hold a few seconds Digital Crown.
Double-click on the wheel allows you to switch between the dial and the latest application - simplified version of the multi-tasking on the iPhone.
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