Sunday, April 19, 2015

iFlicks allows you to automatically import any video to iTunes library

Developer Dzhendrik Bertram announced iFlicks 2 - big update utilities for working with video in the medium OS X. The new version is completely updated user interface and program icon and adds support for metadata for movies and television broadcasts.

iFlicks allows you to prepare a video to import and play iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and automatically add it to the library media player. According to the developer, the updated application is written from the ground up and has a number of functions for managing metadata of any movie or TV show.
The list of strengths iFlicks - versatility and sophisticated functionality. The program supports a variety of formats, including Matroska (.mkv), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), H.264 / MPEG-4 (.mp4), QuickTime (.mov) and others. According to Bertram, she uses specialized encoders to convert video while maintaining high quality and low file size. You can choose the best format to quickly import the movie into iTunes.
Besides, iFlicks mux. Many modern video files can be transferred to the "edible" for iTunes m4v container without transcoding or prolonged loss of quality. App makes every effort to simplify the process, said the developer.
iFlicks supports popular services metadata. For imported into the iTunes catalog of films is automatically entered and all accompanying information added cover. In iFlicks available database and TV shows where you can get information about the video. All information, starting with the title, names of actors, directors, HD-tags to specific identifiers and covers, written directly to the video file. Supported by a combination of HD-SD in iTunes (record containing the HD and SD versions of the same file).
"If you love movies just like us, you want them to be nice looking in your library iTunes. Use iFlicks, to add the files to the program and on iOS-device. Add metadata to movies and TV shows to make your video library amazing. Manage your collection on your Mac has never been easier".
In iFlicks embedded player to preview the content. To control playback tool provides a standard set of functions: view, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind, including full-screen mode.
Repetitive tasks can be automated using AppleScript. To this end, during the installation utility automatically adds a set of scripts. For example, there is a script Folder Action Scripts, which allows iFlicks automatically perform actions on files when they are placed in the designated folder.
To work iFlicks requires an operating system OS X 10.8.3 or later. Cost iFlicks 2 in Mac App Store is $ 18.99 .