Thursday, April 16, 2015

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6: smartphones cooked in boiling water [video]

iPhone 6 continues to receive a major role in the most unimaginable stress tests, scenarios which are hardly possible in real life. At this time, the device in the company with an opponent in the face of Galaxy S6 decided to cook in boiling water, and neither one nor the other does not have the protection of at least splash. The result was somewhat unexpected.

Known torturer of iPhones TechRax put both your smartphone into a frying pan full of boiling water, and waited. In the case of Apple's flagship expectation did not last long: iPhone 6 disconnected after 10 seconds. Galaxy S6 resisted for more than two minutes. In the end, both lost smartphone performance, after which they made a cold shower.
Interestingly, when after all the bullying enthusiast decided to include the device, iPhone 6 partly earned. But the flagship of Samsung fully come into disrepair.